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Corporation for Public Broadcasting Transparency Compliance Information


1) Radio Station Senior Management

    John BraveBull
    Station Manager
    Phone (605) 823-4661, 4662 or 4663
    FAX (605) 823-4660

2) Board of Directors 

    President: John Eagle Shield SR PO Box 742 Fort Yates ND 58538

    Vice: Terry Yellow Fat PO Box 423 Fort Yates ND 58538

    Member: Greta Baker, 209 Oahe st.  Fort Yates, ND 58538

    Member: Todd Hauck,  P.O. Box 222 Fort Yates, ND 58538

    Member: Corrine Iron Shield PO Box 524 Fort Yates, ND 58537


    Member: Charles Walker

    Member: Alva Gabe

3) Community Advisory Board, Representatives:

    President: Jan Two Shields, Cannon Ball

    Member: Jen Martel, Long Solider

    Member: Loren White Temple, Rock Creek



4) Audited Financial Statements:
To request copies, contact KLND 11420 SD HWY 63, McLaughlin, SD 57642

5) Diversity Statement

The mission of Seventh Generation Media Services, Incorporated, established as a media service to      exercise our rights of the first amendment and to encourage unity with the listening public by promoting a greater cultural understanding through educational programming with a commitment to actively engage in the challenging contemporary world.
To foster its mission statement through media services, Seventh Generation Media services, Inc. has established the following Goals:

1. To promote a greater understanding through a broad range of special programming that creates unity by informing listeners with educational, cultural and community interests.
2. To implement a culturally appropriate community educational programming schedule directed towards all residents in the listening area and the World Wide Web.
3. In order to exercise individual and community first amendment rights, the goal of the media services will be to provide live broadcasts of special events, community/school activities, public opinion segments, public service announcements (PSA’s) and Emergency alert system (EAS).
4. To follow the requirements of the Corporation of Public Broadcasting by establishing a Community Advisory Board in order to provide a forum for input.
5. A priority for Seventh Generation Media Services, Inc. will be to promote self-sufficiency in the area of media services to the public. Through volunteer and training programs and educational opportunities under the direction of professional experienced media staff.
6. Seventh Generation Media Services, Inc. will strive to maintain values that promote balance, harmony and a natural environment for all generations by providing holistic programming.
7. Create and maintain a high level of transparency and accountability in all aspects of the operation of Seventh Generation Media Services, Incorporated.
8. To engage in activities with entities that promote self-sufficiency and sustainability which will benefit the organizations and communities.

6) Station Activity Survey:
To request copies, contact KLND 11420 SD HWY 63, McLaughlin, SD 57642

7) Donor Privacy Statement:
“In accordance with federal and state laws regarding donor privacy and data security, KLND does not disclose donor information to third parties nor rent donor information to, or exchange such information with political organizations and/or candidates.”

8) Meeting Notice Policy:
Community Advisory Board meetings are held quarterly at KLND radio station and announcements of the meeting are posted throughout the community and announced on KLND.

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