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A letter from John BraveBull

Hello KLND listeners,

KLND is 20 years old and so is most of its equipment. I arrived on standing rock on June 1st, 2016 and have been here ever since band aiding every single piece of equipment here just to keep us up. The staff here at KLND have been dedicated to keeping us on the airwaves for you since I first arrived and long before that. I feel that keeping this station up, keeping a native point of view in our local media is important.


We need new equipment desperately.


Trump has cut our funding, the tribe has promised to help but I've been asking for almost a year. We are at a point where repairs take hours, if not days. Sometimes we get lucky and just have to do simple things like power cycling and other times, we need to troubleshoot every piece of equipment till we find the gremlin and then figure out where to go from there. If we weren't able to brainstorm and fix the problems ourselves it would cost a whole lot of money to get an engineer on site. Money that would be wasted and could be saved if we had new equipment.


Thankfully KLND has a staff that works together but we can only do so much.

I don't want to see another Native owned business just be another empty building on Standing Rock. We are community radio so I am asking you, our listening community for help. The systems we are looking to put in place will eliminate these problems as today's technology is way more advanced than that of 20 years ago. We are looking at 200,000 in repairs but anything you can give will help keep us going until we can find a way to replace what needs to be replaced.

Again Please donate to your community radio station here on Standing Rock because every little bit will help.

We do this for you the listener and have great things coming up so again, hit that donate button and give what you can.

Thank You,

John BraveBull

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